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Impersonation. 8th art journal.


Not quite how I imagine it… 

(via pampong)

can you check out my WTJ blog xx
aussiejournals aussiejournals Said:

Thanks for the contact. I like your work :)

Asker seoulbubble Asks:
hey i saw your blog and im interested in this book called "wreck this journal" do you happen to know a link where i can download a pdf for free?
aussiejournals aussiejournals Said:

Hey there! Good luck finding a PDF of Wreck this Journal. However, Keri does have a pdf of a similar idea that you can use on her website called “100 ideas”. You can find it here . Have fun!


New #sketchbook and #doodle #doodles #zentangle #zendoodle (Taken with Instagram)


I love to journal but sometimes I need a little inspiration to get me thinking. This generator is fun when you are looking for something a little different. There are times when I’ll just re-generate ideas until something piques my interest and other times I’ll force myself to do one of the ideas that appeal to me least, as a way to get myself thinking outside my comfort zone. 

If you keep an art journal or are just feeling a little creative, try this site. It’s pretty neat.

This is great, thanks for sharing!